World War 1 – 100 years Anniversary Remembrance Celebrations

Poppy and Poem image in Frame
Ducle Et Decorum Est. Red Poppy against Blackened Corn 20″x16″ Print in wide Black and Red edged Frame
Poppy and poem image in frame
In Flanders Fields – Close up HDR pic of Poppy 20″x16″ Print in antique gold and bronze frame

Recently I was   asked to support a local British Legion Remembrance Dinner event in North Walsham. this was to commemorate  100 years since the end of World War 1, and  I offered to supply a couple of framed prints as raffle prizes.

I decided to combine a couple of my own photos of poppies with two well known poems about World War One.

I always remember being introduced to Wilfred Owen’s poem – Dulce Et Decorum Est, as a schoolboy and what an impact the graphic images it describes had on me.  At 13 years old you didn’t really contemplate what happened to someone after they had been gassed and were being transported by wagon to the field hospital where the prognosis was a long lingering death. No wonder world war one veterans rarely talked about their experiences!

In the other poem – In Flanders Fields – the poet, John MacRae, depicts the newly dead soldiers, who died in their thousands in the battle of Flanders, calling out to be remembered and for you, the still living, to “take up the torch” and their “quarrel with the foe” and in the last lines there is the threat that if we “break faith with us who die, we will not sleep, though poppies grow, in Flanders Fields”.

What more reason do you need to observe Remembrance Sunday and remember not only the fallen but those who picked up the torch and continued the quarrel so we could prevail over the enemy and the fallen could sleep in peace in Flanders Fields.

Lest we Forget – the many who have given their all.

100 years on – We Will Remember Them

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