Medals and WWII service memorabilia

Medals and memorabilia layout ofr frame version 1
Inital Layout

Initial discussion of the frame

This job came in a couple of weeks ago and I was presented with a box containing : 5 medals, medal ribbons, epaulette insignias a couple of small photos and an order of sevice for an 8th Army service of thanksgiving, all from World War II. After some discussion with the client, it was decided to copy the photos and the order of service so these could be resized as desired to suit  the frame. Then,  I would produce an initial layout for the frame and produce  labels for the  medals and a name label, and they would come back the following week and we could adjust / finalise the layout of the various items.

Medals layout plus WW2 memorablia
Finalised layout. (white moulding gives a guide where the top mount will be)


Refining the layout

When the customer came back in to view  it was felt that more empahsis should be given to the motor bike pic so that was enlarged and the order of service  size was reduced to give a more balanced appearance to the display. Also the labels were both increased in size and the medals were placed in order. During my research for the  medals label, I had discovered that the ribbon on the 1939- 1945 Star was reversed and this needed to be corrected  before framing. The 3 images were mounted on card and then float mounted in the frame to give a drop shadow effect which works well. To emphasie the group of medals I decided to use a slightly darker background colour  and mount them in an aperture cut in the main mount board.

Medals Frame finished
Finished Medals and memorabila Frame

The Final Result

Finally the whole assembled display was mounted into a back box with a floating dark grey top mount (matching the medals group background colour) and framed in a dark flat mahoghany colour moulding producing an eyecatching stylish display which was very well received by the client