Photoworx - Picture Framing plus so much more


Personalised gifts that mean so much

As well as beautiful bespoke picture framing, at Photoworx, we create high quality photo montages,  word art and photo gifts. Using  your own images and words we can combine them together to make them more than just a simple photographic print.
 "If a picture is worth a 1000 words...."...just  think what a whole lot of them is worth!
Services we offer include
See our secure online store to order that personalised "different" gift that will make someone know just  how much you think of them .
Go on, do it now....we will help you , it's easy, you just need your photos...

Why choose PhotoworX?

The emphasis at Photoworx is QUALITY.

Quality printing, quality frames, quality ideas, quality service.

Photoworx have many years experience in both traditional and digital photography. Expert photoshop editing is available to create artistic blended montages from your treasured photos. Old or damaged photos can also be digitally restored back to their former glory.

We are a small company  who will provide you with a high level of creativity and care for your imaging needs.

From a single print restoration to a 30 image montage printed as a large canvas, your job will receive the same attention and care.

Giving you the result you desire.

Whatever idea you have in mind - contact us and let us help you bring it to life....

So if your photos are important to You -- Come and see Us