Will I see a proof of my Photo Montage or Word Art?

Yes we will email you a proof for approval before producing your finished art work. If there are any ammendments or changes required we will send new proof for approval after the changes have been made. You have complete control so the finished job is exactly how you want it.


How fast will I get my Photo Montage or Word Art?

We aim to despatch all approved jobs within 1 working day after receiving the approved proof. Normal free delivery is a2 day service but can be upgraded to next day for additional charge see delivery options


Can I make changes after I have approved the proof?

We send a Proof of your artwork via email and at this stage any changes and alterations can be made and then we will send a new proof for your approval. Unfortunately once you have approved the proof and it has been returned to us the artwork is put straight into production and cannot be altered. 

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before you approve your email proof . There is a flat rate £5 charge to cover the administration costs of discontinuing your design and also processing your refund.
Once you have approved your proof and the order is in production cancellation and refunds are not possible. However if there is a problem with transit damage to your item this will be treated as a separate issue

What do I have to supply for a photo montage? 

You can upload digital images directly to us with your order. Please try to make sure each file is at least 100kb or larger in size to ensure reasonable quality images. Please note: often face book and instagram images are very small and unsuitable for enlargement and printing. Other media we can work from include: Optical discs (cds & DVDs) camera cards,or photographic prints and negatives. If you need further advice contact us either by email or phone and we will be happy to help. 

Can I use Face book and Instagram Photos in my Photo Montage?

As a rule if you have the image on your camera card or on your phone before you uploaded it to Facebook or Instagram that will be a larger and therefore better quality image file. So that is the one to use If the photo only exists in uploaded form then send it to us and we will advise if it high enough resolution for use in your montage. If it is not possible to use your images we will contact you and see if you have any alternatives. If the job cannot be produced you will receive a full refund

Can I chose any shape for my word art?

Yes, but it must be a recognisable outline / silhouette, and not too intricate in detail. simple poster colour art can also sometimes be used or we can simplify what you chose to make it work.The best thing to do is tell us what shape you would like and we will produce a proof and we can work together to adapt this to achieve what you want. 

Can I mix black and white and colour images in my photo montage?

Yes you can and sepia toned "old photos" can also be incorporated or we can change any one or all of your supplied colour images into black and white. Please note we cannot change original black and white images back to colour! 

How long does it take to produce a word art or photomontage?

Normally we would try to have proof to you for approval within 2 to 3 working days this may vary according to how complex the brief is or how many photos we have to work with, and also if they are all in digital format or require scanning etc. Once approval is given for the proof then the job will be finished and shipped within another 2 working days. So allowing for delivery etc A 1 week turnaround would be normal. For some projects this will be less and a fast service may be possible may also be available at extra charge.

Can I include text with my photos in a montage?

Yes text can be included in the design or like the "Name" montages you can form the word out of photos. The choice is yours.